Margareta Paslaru, longevitate creatoare pe multiple planuri: muzica, teatru, film, creatii muzicale, sustinerea tinerelor talente, CD-uri caritabile, actiuni de voluntariat. In 1969 a primit prestigiosul trofeu M.I.D.E.M. (Marché International du Disque et de l'Édition Musicale, Cannes - Franta, ediția 1967/1968). Este prima solista de muzica usoara din Romania care a primit acest trofeu. In 2008 a fost onorata la Uniunea Compozitorilor pentru 50 de ani de activitate neintrerupta. A initiat in 2009 programul Banca de Alimente - Crucea Rosie. Artista pentru care au scris 65 de compozitori a inregistrat 788 de piese la Radio, TV si pe discuri pana in prezent, inclusiv compozitii proprii. In 2018 au fost sarbatoriti cei 60 de ani creativi la Muzeul Literaturii Romane marcand deceniile 2000. Legendara artista a primit in USA 2002 Premiul Women of Excelence pentru initierea sarbatoririi zilei de 1 Iunie "International Children's Day". In 2016 Uniunea Autorilor si Realizatorilor de Film - UARF i-a oferit Diploma de Excelenta si clacheta "Artist plurivalent". Desemnata Primul Ambasador al Festivalului Tanar Sibiu, artista a primit Diploma "Platina valorii" in 2019. Premiul Academic si Trofeul UCIN pentru întreaga activitate i-au fost inmanate de prof.univ.dr. Laurentiu Damian la Gala Uniunii Cineaștilor 2021.

Margareta Paslaru ''O legenda vie a Romaniei o artista cu totul speciala'' Jurnalul National 2008

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miercuri, 24 iunie 2020

Va fi coperta noului album Margareta Paslaru?

Vom 'dezbate' coperta  noului album 2020,
care va fi lansat la toamna :) 

Voi ce parere aveti? :):)

Lucian Nastase

vineri, 12 iunie 2020

Margareta Paslaru sustine 'Bine Boutique' Crucea Rosie


Sursa: redbull.ro_ 21.05.2019, autor Andreea Vasile

Dan Perjovschi a desenat în primul magazin caritabil al Crucii Roșii

El a transformat Bine Boutique în singurul loc din București în care desenele lui pot fi văzute, așa cum, la Sibiu, există Zidul lui Perjovschi, care vorbește pe bune despre lumea în care trăim.
În urmă cu doua luni, pe 1 aprilie, artistul Dan Perjovschi începea să deseneze la Bine Boutique, în Piața Amzei din București, primul magazin caritabil pe care Crucea Roșie România l-a deschis în septembrie, anul trecut. Hainele vândute de Bine Boutique contribuie la finanțarea proiectelor sociale ale Crucii Roșii.

luni, 1 iunie 2020

Margareta Paslaru la 'M' Soul Production 2001-2006

Diversification enable Paslaru to unite people 

By Bill Vansant - Editor (excerpt)

Name: Margareta Paslaru
Title: Producer, "M"Soul Productions
Resides: Summit
Age: 60

"When we are young we struggle to make a name for ourselves. Becoming mature, we must use that 'name' in helping others."
That's the motto of "M"Soul Productions, based in Summit.   The brainchild of Margareta Paslaru, "M" Soul encopasses everything from award winning local television programing to international initiatives. "International" is a key word. Prior to moving to the United States xx years ago, Paslaru was - and still is - a major celebrity in her native Romania, having "made a name" for herself in film and television, on stage, and as a recording artist.

However, her endeavors on these shores have not solely been the promotion of her career but of assorted humanitarian interest, from the award wining "Impromptu-Art" television program on TV36 to her work in promoting International Children's Day throughout the country.

This past year, Paslaru was honored with a national Telly Award as producer of "Impromptu-Art," giving testament to the far-reaching appeal of her local programing. Another of her programs, "Human Mosaics," is simply that - a mosaic of humanity and humanitarian topics. In addition she produces two other programs for TV36.
Her work in promoting International Children's Day has united the city of Summit with both San Francisco and Washington D.C., creating an exchange of children's artwork that was exbited in all three towns. In addition, artwork was shared with several other countries.

"We can create a better society starting with the youngsters," she said, "because then is when they are so impressionable and you can mold them. It's like a wonderful material to play with it, to create a new person, which is thefuture." Paslaru served as the catalys in creating a collaboration between   Summit Mayor Walter Long and the mayors of San Francisco and Washington.

 "Mayor Long was extraordinary," she said. "I'm so grateful to him." (...)

Having spent years in front of the camera in Romania, she took courses to learn the technical aspects of television production. She now handles everything from concept to script development to editing to post production. In her passion for art, she points out that "everything is done  by an artist," from a painting to the design of building to the creation of a decorative teacup.

Through her diversification, and her celebrity, she feels she's able to open doors for others, whether she's raising awarness of an issue by producing a documentary, aiding children worldwide by spear-heading a national partnership between communities, or helping everyday people by lending her "name" to worthwhile causes, both here and abroad."Every artist creates a step," she said, "for the  rise of new talents."

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